OPK’s (other peoples kids)

Now I’m a peace loving person, but today if I could lay hands on someone they would not be happy.  But then, I’m not happy.  Any you know the saying “If Mommas not happy……..”

I probably have three of the most respectful kids in the world.  And yes, I am biased in that area.  But, I have been told by others all of my kids lives how polite and well behaved they are.  Mostly, that is because my kids liked living. 

I was awakened this morning to discover four flat tires.  Two on youngest son’s Explorer and two on my Saturn.  Now this would be bad enough if it were a first time vandalism incident.  In the last year three separate instances of window breakage and one stereo stolen.  Only once was the culprit caught, and only then because he returned to the scene of the crime to catch the response of the victim.  His parents hads to pay for that window.

Which brings me to my topic.  What in the hell is going through the mind of these kids parents?  Are they too busy to be bothered with their kids behavior?  In the state of Texas the penal code says: “parents may use force, but not deadly force, to control their children”.  Somebody needs to rent a billboard and put that news out.  If your kid calls the law on you, the law is on your side in Texas.  Unless you have truely injured them, but that’s not what I’m talking about. 

It’s probably a good thing my kids are grown.  Because if they ever called the law on me for abuse (then or now) they better pray I don’t ever get out of jail.  Because I would make good their claim.    And those kids that keep damaging our cars……. well – you get the picture.


4 Responses to OPK’s (other peoples kids)

  1. The Bastard says:

    HOLY SHIT MOM!!! Again?!?!?!? I say put some technology to use to catch them little bastards.

  2. Mom says:

    At latest count there were 50 reports of cars with puntured tires that night in about a mile radius. A neighbor said they think they know who did it. Perhaps there is justice after all.

  3. charline (shotsie) says:

    My youngest still believes in spare the rod and spoil the child (and he is 23 now)! I guess there were times we put our foot in his butt…he will tell you that is why he believes that there are so many hellions being raised now all talk with discipline and no action!! I am curious how my oldest will do with Sierrah, right now he talks very low and stern to her when he is trying to get his point across and so far that works but she is only 15 months old! So we will see!

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