I’ll never………..

It seems when I say "I'll never", the gates of the powers that be swing open, and I do the thing I said I'd never do. 

When my eldest was small I said I would never let him fight.  My best friend had a son who was a year older and just was an aggravating brat.  One day I told my son the next time he puts a hand on you – beat the crap outta him.  So much for fighting.

When my children started school I would never be one of those mothers that made a fool out of herself at school.  As all of my children can attest – I blew it.  Starting with the principal that I threatened to knock his head off with a baseball bat.  Ending much the same manner, with the youngest. This time I was not under the influence and told the principal if he couldn't control what happened on his campus that I could and would camp out there.

Needless to say there have been many other I'll never's in my life.  In the last few years it is more like I'll never do that again.  At 9:32am on March 27 I am here to say….don't add that last three words to it either.

The phone rings, I check the caller ID, I do a little dance around my room……….


2 Responses to I’ll never………..

  1. The Bastard says:

    I resemble that. LOL! I had forgotten about you threatening to whip that principal’s ass. I was in like, what? 3rd grade?

  2. jcoftw says:

    Yeah or 4th. And the bat I threatened him with was the one your uncle gave you and he was not going to let you take it home. Do you remember Gina waiting outside the school for you because she didn’t know what bus to get on…kindergarden. I had told the teacher – make sure she gets on the right bus, and she didn’t. The whole school got to see me be a fool.

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