Giving up something for Lent

The Church was thinking about how it feels to confront the emotional damage of a lifetime that is sitting unnoticed in your conscious….Borrowed from Fr Thomas Keating – a Trappist Monk

I had believed that I had never observed Lent.  If the object is the above, in fact, I have observed it one day at a time since December 4, 1984.  In AA we call this wonderful process an inventory.  Then we have to share it with God and another human being.  We do this because we simply can not recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body until we tell someone ALL of our life story and admit our wrongs….then correct those wrongs.  Our belief is that our REAL purpose it to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us.

A dear friend told me not long ago that I was more Catholic than most of the Catholics he knows.  Could this be the reason why?????????

The truth will set you free….but first it makes you miserable……..stolen from a poster at the Hub of the Plains in Lubbock…December 1984


One Response to Giving up something for Lent

  1. Charline B. says:

    I have been in the AA fellowship for 10 yrs. I also am at a place in my life where I want to know more about the spirtual side that we are always talking about in our meetings. I have just been introduced to the “lent” so I too can relate to exactly what was said!!! I think it is so amazing that the princples the way I understand them is just the way the princples of religion too, be it spirtuatly or not. We have what they call the “big book” the AA text. And yet if you study what I like to call the “big big book” the word of God (Bible). It is all the same!!!
    My favorite prayer has always been the “footprints in the Sand” I am so glad I was introduced to this prayer as a little girl during very unbearable times and have clung to it all these years. I do believe God carried me in his arms these last 10 yrs until I was ready to go a step further until I got hungry for knowledge of a higer power at a whole knew level. He has truely blessed me and gave me many miricles recently and the promises have come true for me so many times lately!! God is gracious and I am blessed!

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