Joe and Gina small.jpg Thanks, first of all for this beautiful child, and also for our son.  Along with my other son they are joyous gifts in my life.

Life was good, life was bad, life is good again.  The day our son got married we were finally able to put the past behind us.  The relationship we share today is exceptional, in my opinion. 

I don’t believe it is often that a man will allow his ex-wife and significant other to attend his family reunion and be ever so gracious and pleasant.

I know you loved my Dad and my Grandmother.  You will never know how much it meant to me for you to be there when I lost them.  Driving all night, after car trouble was certainly above and beyond.

In a couple of weeks we’ll be celebrating your Mothers birthday and I’m sure it will be great.

Over the years I hope I can be there to support you the way you’ve been here for me. Thanks for all you have done……all the way from Arizona.


3 Responses to Gratitude

  1. The Bastard says:

    Dad is a pretty good guy, ain’t he?

  2. jcoftw says:

    Yeah, I think you should keep him. 🙂

  3. Sis says:

    It’s truly amazing the wonders that can be work by twenty years and 1,000 miles, isn’t it? LOL

    It meant a lot to me that he was there with us at the funerals. As far as I’m concerned, he’ll always be my brother-in-law.

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