When my eldest (The Bastard) was just a little fella, probably second grade, he used to sit around reading the dictionary.  He fell in love with words.  At this time in his life his favorite magazine was Newsweek.  Today he still loves to read and has started writing a book.

He got this love from his Mom.  Back in the days of "oh oh, see spot run", my teacher complained to my mother that she had ran out of books for me to read.  I went through 22 books my first year in school.

Which brings me to this post.  My friend happychick from Australia used to think all Americans were "Prats". (See the comments on Gratitude).  WTF is a prat I say.  According to google: Prat in this sense means “backside; buttocks”, first recorded in the sixteenth century but of unknown origin. A pratfall is a comedy fall on to the buttocks. The British slang sense dates from the 1960s and means an incompetent, foolish or stupid person. It became popular in the 1980s. It isn’t obscene, but it’s a sharp expression of criticism or abuse.

This would probably be a wonderful opportunity to say something mean, but how can I slam someone who's country gave me Mel Gibson and the Bee Gee's?

I can only say that I am glad you stumbled into this blog one day and decided to hang around.  I am glad my family and friends opened your mind too the real American family.  Notice I didn't say "normal"….I said real.  My kids can and DO say anything they think and feel to me.  The friends who comment are people with whom I can entrust my life.  I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. 

Now that you've commented and have opened your mind……welcome to my world – friend. 🙂


One Response to Words

  1. happychick says:

    reading your post just now, I am not ashamed to say that you have made me cry. Perhaps I’m just a little emotional so early in the morning, but I guess I’m just so thrilled to be welcome into a part of your life. You cannot know how grateful I am, nor how much I look forward to the times ahead. Thanks again, xx

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