How do I hate thee….let me count the ways

Everyone knows I was kicked to the curb by my dentist.  God knows I can't blame him.  But I HATE the dreaded dental insurance provider.

I call the new dentist office this morning….as I am back on the yogurt diet.  "I need to see Dr. B…. I need an adjustment", I say.  "Oh, no…..we don't handle that problem.  You need to call your insurance carrier and work out something for you to see your old dentist….it is his problem."

Call back to the provider.  "Dr. B…. won't see me.  They advised there is not a dentist in the area that will see me, since this is a work in process."  Smart ass customer service rep. "Well, it's not like you had it done last week….right? You're just going to have to call and find someone who will take you."  "Go into the state employee website and there you will find 9,000 dentist to chose from." They find the asswipe that doesn't accept my problem but I have to find one who does.  Makes sense to me?  NOT!

In desperation, I decide to grovel.  This is not easy for me.  I call my old dentist and explain the situation.  No problem she says….come on in.  I love my dentist….but I Hate AETNA!


2 Responses to How do I hate thee….let me count the ways

  1. bofh69 says:

    I hate ALL insurance companies! Fukkem!

  2. bofhjr716 says:

    In the neck……. With a BAZOOKA!!!!!!!!!!!

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