Weird discussions with my kids………

There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, that this family won't discuss with each other.  Alas, where did I go wrong???

As I put in a load of laundry this morning I was reminded of a conversation the Bastardette, the Bastard Jr and I had about a week ago.  The topic was, of all things, underwear….specifically womens panties.

I don't remember how that came up…what I do remember is Gina talking about how "granny panties" sneak up into the dreaded ass crack.  We HATE that!  Junior suggests boxers.  Her solution is the thong.  "damn that is an intentional placing in the ass crack!" says the Bastard Jr.  "No" she says "it lays gently there."  Now I personally love the soft cotton, boy cut boxers.  They don't creap and feel really good.  I know the children are thinking…."and who would give a shit…on you they are ALL "granny panties".

And another thought on panties…….who figured out the sizes on those bitches anyway?  Five numbers between the size of my undies and the size of my jeans….and they both fit.


4 Responses to Weird discussions with my kids………

  1. bofh69 says:

    I don’t think you went wrong at all. After all, you never have to worry about what any of us are thinking, right? šŸ˜€

  2. jcoftw says:

    This is true! I’m really glad we have that kind of relationship!

  3. justnonna says:

    Commando. No creepage!

  4. gina says:

    Thongs all the way!!! They are so great that the makers of “monthly femine hygiene” products came out with – TA DA…. panty liner thongs! The makers of underwear think that all women have the same ass size – boy are they dumb shits are what?

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