The bat out of hell…….

I was just going to drive her around the neighborhood.  I was a little nervous….all that power in my hands.  I finally got the hang of the clutch the stearing…..she's one sensitive bitch.  I step on the gas a little harder…omg my heart is pounding…..Greg, maybe just a bit further.  He's teasing me mercilessly.  He told me the next time I shift get her up to 2 or 3 grand and tap the accelerator.  I do and it does a little fish tail.  He said my eyes were as big as saucers.  The puke, he did it on purpose.  Faster and faster….music blaring power in my hands, under my control.  Greg – this car is wasted on the young….it needs its Grammie.  Oh My God, I scream and I sped down the narrow road.  There have been men I haven't screamed that loud for and tell him so.  He's laughing his ass off encouraging me.  What little hair I have on my head is blowing in the wind.  I have had my fix…we go home….and tells Gina we had a bit of role reversal.  This time he was encouraging ME to speed. 

I am reminded of the movie Thelma and Louise.  Now if a person just HAS to die, flying in a Corvette might not be so bad. Or of a heart attack while in bed having……….nevermind… don't need the visual.


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