me.jpg  Crop, edit…etc.  I think I got this picture thing down.  So to my friends in Australia and Alaska…now you know what I look like.  Willing to take the risk and post your own pic?  I have seen hellboys arm recently…and I think your face on another post.  Happychick…. get a picture up!


12 Responses to me

  1. happychick says:

    Oh God, I don’t think so….. No- I could never compete with the ‘pixie haircut’ you’ve got going on for you there. 🙂 I like it. xx

  2. Sandra says:

    Not competition….EVER. !!!

  3. bofhjr716 says:

    no no chick…….that is mom’s dyke doo

  4. theblonde says:

    LMAO!! Now I don’t care who ya are, now that there’s funny!!

  5. theblonde says:

    I guess I shouldn’t laugh though, my hair is just about as short. But I’m not a dyke!!!

  6. jcoftw says:

    Nor am I honey – not by a long shot. 🙂

  7. happychick says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the dyke-do…. My Mum has it too! But it’s never gonna happen for me, ladies… And Lonnie- Keep it to yourself! I’m sure if Sandra minded she would’ve dumped you already. xx

  8. Hell Boy says:

    hhhmmm dyke-do or not, she look good, at least better than me, lol!

  9. Gina says:

    Now that is One Hot Momma! Literally 🙂

  10. Mom says:

    Thanks baby. 😀

  11. bofhjr716 says:

    Yeah….when she is on a hot flash….break out the damn parka

  12. Mayang says:

    Sandra, now that’s what i call ‘you age gloriously’! wish i’m like you when i’m older 🙂

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