Monday I returned to work.  I ran a small errand back to the school.  I was about to leave when I was approached by one of my staff.  "Ms. Lee, can I talk to you?" he asked.  "Sure" I say…we walked outside.  "I wondered if it would be ok if I asked K…….. to have dinner with me." he said shyly.  "WHAT?" I asked in amazement.  "I guess I'm asking for your blessing to ask her out" face now blushed.  "Yes…but don't you ever hurt her….I'll have to kill you if you do."  He smiles widely and explains how hard that was to ask…."like asking your boss to date her daughter."

And I think about K………, sweet little volunteer.  Just beginning graduate school, member of my church….and yes, another of my adopted kids.

And D……….the staff.  Shy, kind, efficient, reliable…on and on.  He's just 26 years old…two years younger than the Bastard Jr.  It amazes me that he would care enough what I think to ask my permission.

Maybe because to me I'm just one of the folks at work….Maybe because of my past wild and wicked life…I'm not sure.  But when someone shows me that kind of respect, I am in awe of the gift I have received.  I am so blessed.


4 Responses to Respect…………

  1. happychick says:

    🙂 It’s nice to see some people still value old-fashioned stuff like that. That’s the problem with young guys these days- it’s sex,sex,sex and then(if you’re lucky), your first date. How am I expected to get by in this world when the perverts are starting at such a young age?…. xx

  2. jcoftw says:

    Just say NO! Or fuck you in the neck with a bazooka…which ever seems most appropriate. 😀

  3. bofhjr716 says:

    It's not that he respects you mom….which I'm sure he does. It's that he is terrified to death of you!!! 🙂

  4. Hell Boy says:

    guess he jus did the right thing, i dont think any guy wants to befucked in neck with a bazooka, butter knife can do good!

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