The Bastard Matriarchs children

kids.jpg  These are my children.  They are the greatest gifts I have ever received.  I love you…more than you'll ever know.  Even if your lifes work is to bust on me.  😀


9 Responses to The Bastard Matriarchs children

  1. bofh69 says:

    I love you too mom. 😀

  2. happychick says:

    Aaaw, you guys look so…… cute! (for lack of a better word). Not at all how I’d pictured you guys…. wow. The love….. xx

  3. Shannon says:

    Oh My Gosh! They are so beautiful and you are awesome.
    Aren’t we blessed. Sometimes I feel almost ashamed of all the Grace in my life. Why are people like us so loved and blessed.

  4. jcoftw says:

    I don’t know why we are so loved and blessed, but I thank God every day that I didn’t get what I deserved, but his mercy!

  5. Hell Boy says:

    hhhhhmmm, nice family, so that’s all bastards together, all looks better than moi yihihihi

  6. jcoftw says:

    They’re the best!

  7. bofhjr716 says:

    Governments tremble when we all get in the same zip code. Lubbock was lucky we were all there for a tragic occasion. Otherwise there would have been hell to pay.

  8. Mom says:

    Now that’s not exactly true….remember the dinner at the “50th street Caboose”? That was pretty cool. All those people looking at us like we were from another planet. The one great night of fun, in the midst of tragedy.

  9. carmie68 says:

    In 21 years they haven’t change. Love yall!

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