In honor of our Happychick

Don't mess with the girl, she'll sic her pet on you. 


4 Responses to In honor of our Happychick

  1. bofhjr716 says:

    Now THAT is too funny!!!

  2. happychick says:

    hahaha…. woo! My name appears on your post title! And again…. hahahahahahaha. For all you who are selfish enough not to read my blog, I have chihuahuas. 😆
    And now we can all see what happens when Sandra gets bored. x

  3. theblonde says:

    Ha! You should have seen the dog that we had. It was a little Lhasa Apso and he was about 6 months old and The Bastard tried to take a pork chop bone away from him and it was just like a damn rabid piranah. Took a good size chunk out of Mark’s finger. It was crazy, pretty damn funny too, the dog only stood about 6″ tall, and cuter than shit.

  4. bofh69 says:

    Little son of a bitch reminded me of that mini-dog on that one ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon that protected Jerry from Tom. All you could see was teeth and a hint of fur. I sure miss that little bastard. He was a good dog.

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