Weird breakfasts

I am having a great breakfast this morning.  Thought maybe you would like to try it out sometime.

Slice strawberrys in the bowl, add a couple of spoons of crunchy peanut butter, add a serving of yogurt…today it is strawberry, however vanilla is good too.  Mix it all up and tada…..breakfast. ๐Ÿ™‚

What is your favorite breakfast that makes others go…blech?


20 Responses to Weird breakfasts

  1. bofh69 says:

    A beer. Does a beer count? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. BOFHjr says:

    That actually sounds pretty good, still drool over your famous breakfast. Maybe one day I will have one.

  3. jcoftw says:

    I used to do the beer thing for breakfast…the old hair of the dog that bit me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. jcoftw says:

    And John, if you ever decide to travel down from bfe, I’ll be more than happy to make you one of my home cooked b/fasts. Complete with homemade biscuits and gravy!

  5. bofh69 says:

    Aw shit, now why did you have to go and say homemade biscuits and gravy? Asshole.

  6. jcoftw says:

    You remember the time when you, Greg & Gina came to Decatur and I cooked all that stuff? My God, it was as bad as when all you kids (including Danny) were at home. Cooked for hours…..gone in 60 seconds. Huge piles of biscuits, eggs, bacon, sausage gravy…poof.

  7. bofh69 says:

    The whole family has some serious appetites when it comes to mom’s breakfasts. Thats what you get for being such a good cook.

  8. bofhjr716 says:

    One of my weird fav’s is original fritos in a bowl, and pour buttermilk over them… just like cereal

  9. bofh69 says:

    That is just fucking gross Adam. Freak!

  10. pcnewman1963 says:

    Ok, so where the hell did he get that one from??? That is absolutely disgusting. BUTTERMILK!!!!!!!!! YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. jcoftw says:

    Now I hate buttermilk, but the fritos with it is good…looks and sounds horrible, but is good.

  12. Mom says:

    I thought you knew. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Mom says:

    Mark if you’ll think about it, you’d know where the frito thing came from. Jack’s cousin Burle in Cherokee used to eat that all time.

  14. Hell Boy says:

    i cant think of breakfast anymore, im gonna die cos of yer breakfast!

  15. Mom says:

    LMAO hell boy. I do know how to cook a real good breakfast. I think…well my kids think so anyhow. However, they are warped as you know. ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. jcoftw says:

    Lonnie obviously you are not looking for breakfast to be cooked by me. ewwwwww

  17. happychick says:

    What’s buttermilk?!? I eat the same thing every day- toast with vegemite. That is all.

  18. Mom says:

    What’s vegemite?

    Buttermilk: 1. The sour liquid that remains after the butterfat has been removed from whole milk or cream by churning.
    2. A cultured sour milk made by adding certain microorganisms to sweet milk.

    A lot of salad dressings are made with buttermilk.

  19. bofh69 says:

    Buttermilk= ASS. Nastiest shit man ever created.

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