Driven by a hundred forms of fear…..

I have known people in my life that are so angry they insist upon making the lives of those about them as miserable as possible.  In fact, as miserable as they are themselves.

What I find to be true in myself, is with anger I feel a sense of power.  It is so much easier to be angry than to get to those underlying feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness and most of all fear.

And harder than looking at those feelings is sucking up the power and willingness to not react to them.  They say that pain is the touchstone of all spiritual growth.  To them I say – GROWTH SUCKS THE BIG ONE!


5 Responses to Driven by a hundred forms of fear…..

  1. Hell Boy says:

    feelin powerful when angry?! that’s great. so it’d be fight, fight, fight, K.O!
    im not stupid anyway! 😆

  2. bofh69 says:


    Yeah, no shit!

  3. susan h. says:

    i believe that when people stay in the angry mode they are too scared to be happy and peaceful….God has opposites to everything…so we have those that live in peace and those that like the shit to be stirred up…if you pay attention you will find that the angry ones resent the hell out of the peaceful ones….that has been my experience anyway.

  4. susan h. says:


  5. donna says:


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