I am an animal lover.  There are a couple of Australian Shepherd dogs at work that have been there for 11 years.  When they go to their eternal rest, I will probably have to take a bereavement day off.

There are a couple of creatures living in my house that are getting on my last nerve.  The cat sheds and pukes everywhere.  The dog shits on the patio.  She is a constant yapper, which is common for her breed.  She also sheds.  I am left to clean up after their messes.  These animals belong to my daughter-in-law who lives here while the Bastard Jr. finishes school.

They say that animals take after their owners.  Shedding – yes, puking – no, constant yapper – check, leaves her shit for me to clean – yep, you got it.  OMG son WHAT WERE you thinking?  I’m sure it wasn’t about housekeeping issues.


7 Responses to Critters

  1. bofh69 says:

    I’m sure its nothing that couldn’t be cured by a one-way plane ticket. 😀

  2. Mom says:

    With two critter packing crates – less one infant. 😀

  3. the blonde says:

    With the help of a .357 Magnum they wouldn’t need a critter packing crate. 🙂

  4. Mom says:

    There was a guy that shot two people (didn’t kill them) that were breaking into his vehicle. The charge against the homeowner was “discharging a fire arm inside the city limits….Now isn’t that funny! 😀

  5. bofh69 says:

    I had my .357 in my hand earlier and was gonna kill a cat. “Self, you got bail money?” Nope. Pistol back in the bag.

  6. BOFHjr says:

    Have to agree with the Blonde, nice little pistol that goes POP and its all done.

  7. donna says:

    lol. make sure to keep the baby! I think the one way ticket would cover the womb donation.

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