May 11, 1970

On May 11, 1970 the Bastards lived in Lubbock.  For several days the weather had been bad.  On this particular day it was stiffling hot, deathly still.  Then come the warnings.  Severe thunderstorms only.  It started hailing.  There would be a lull of a few minutes then the hail would start again, bigger and bigger stones.  I told the Old Bastard the next break in the hail me and the Bastard babies were headed for the storm cellar.  By now the hailstones are the size of hockey pucks.  Small break and off the Bastard clan go across the yard to the cellar. 

We had beds down in the cellar and fall asleep.  Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up – stars shining house intact.  Back the clan go to the house and more sleep. 

Later in the morning I get a panicked phone call from my Dad.  He is worried sick that the Bastard's were blown away.  No Dad, we're fine…what's the problem? 

• Many historic and original buildings in the downtown area were ripped apart by a disastrous tornado on May 11, 1970. The tornado killed 26 people, injured 500 and caused an estimated $500 million in damage. – hacked from Lubbock Online.

One mile from our home a newly constructed overpass was blown away. 

For the last week, every evening, the watches and warnings are posted on the television.  I PAY ATTENTION!!!


2 Responses to May 11, 1970

  1. bofh69 says:

    “For the last week, every evening, the watches and warnings are posted on the television. I PAY ATTENTION!!!”

    No shit. You’re asking to get killed if you don’t.

  2. carmie68 says:

    We had a power outage last friday, funny thing was that I had Angelica and Noah at the house with me and they didn’t even get scared. I think they liked playing in the candle light.

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