Meals that make your family sick

So I'm making one of my weird lunches today.  Slice up and saute a jalapeno pepper in butter.  As it cooks I start sneezing.  MMMMM love my peppers.  Add a couple of eggs and scramble.  Warm a couple of corn tortillas and add a slice of cheese.  Put some of the egg mixture on top, fold in half and ..tada…there you have an egg taco. 

The youngest Bastard in the making, Ryan, comes toddling into the kitchen.  Takes one whiff of the lunch and immediately starts coughing.  Closely followed by his mom the evil bastardette, saying "OMG you're trying to kill us!"  mmmmmmmmmm thinking………………….


11 Responses to Meals that make your family sick

  1. Bofhjr says:

    And your not doing that 3 times a day why?

  2. bofhjr716 says:

    Hey, the boy likes the hot stuff, but I think we need to live on 3 alarm food for a while

  3. Mr Angry says:

    Just make sure you don’t rub your eyes while chopping the peppers – you’ll end up thinking you’re trying to kill yourself!

  4. justnonna says:

    Try blackened fish also, that’ll choke the shit out of her! Honestly officer, I was just trying a new recipie!

  5. bofhjr716 says:

    no, officer, I do NOT know how the massive dose of arsenic got into the fish, …… must have been caught outside of New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina

  6. jcoftw says:

    Will be sure to keep the youngest Bastard and his dad away from the fish!

  7. carmie68 says:

    I think your more mexican than I am. I stay away from the peppers.

  8. donna says:

    mercury in the fish from Katrina?

  9. jcoftw says:

    Carmie – I have always thought there was a lot of Mexican blood running through my veins.

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