Kathleen.jpg This little cutie's name is Kathleen.  She is a volunteer where I work.  She started out volunteering with the Catholic chaplaincy program.  She has a new title now….Coordinator of Family Services.  She has a sparkling personality and everyone loves and protects her.

Today Kathleen graduated from the University of North Texas.  She has been accepted at Texas Womens University where she will complete her Masters Degree.

I didn't get to see her walk the stage, I was at the airport (another post).  But tonight I will meet her, her parents and friends for a celebration dinner.

She says she wants to be me when she grows up.  Hey, can't be smart about EVERYTHING!

Love you Kat…. (yes, another one of my adopted children and God knows we need another girl in the clan).


2 Responses to Kathleen

  1. john feld says:

    Isn’t it a pleasure to see young people who have their ducks in a row!!!!!
    Congratulations to Kat and her parents and all her other family members.

  2. bofh69 says:

    Yes it is! Congratulations Kathleen! 😀

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