Some days are diamonds……

I've had a mood swing or two since the Grand-Bastardette came to visit.  I think it is probably just from all the negative input that last 24 hours she was here. 

Then it hit me, as the hot flash threatened to ignite my entire body, I've been out of my hormone replacement meds for about a week now.  Also my allergy medication and I am allergic to damn near everything that is airborne. 

I run down to the local pharmacy and say I need a refill on these meds and I need it NOW!  She types my name into the computer and discovers that the prescriptions have run out.  "I have to call your doctor before I can refill these" she says pleasantly.  "But you don't understand…I need them NOW…right NOW."  I'm turning various shades of red……

…………I lean over the counter and grab this girl by the throat.  If you don't give me my medication NOW, I'm going to lay on this counter and it will go up in flames!  I'm having a goddam hot flash from hell!  I am going to auto-combust and your ass is going up with me!  Don't tell me you can't give me my hormones!………….

Now this chick must have ESP.  Or maybe it was the fire shooting from my eyes.  She says quietly, "I can give you one of each until we contact your doctor if that will be ok with you." OK?  OK????  "Thank you very much" I say sweetly…smoke now coming from my ears.

I get to my car and open the bottles.  There's a three day supply of each of the medications.  I guess she doesn't want to risk the doctor being late with my refills. 

The Bastard Jr. calls at work tonight to report the pharmacy has called, my rx is ready. 



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