This morning The Bastard is off to have the hole in his gut repaired.  Damn I wish I could be there!

This afternoon Kathleen is off to have a cyst removed from the back of her tongue.  I wish I could be there too!

I guess my job today will be praying and pacing. 

Father protect these beloved children, restore them to health…..


12 Responses to Surgery

  1. Hell Boy says:

    amen. hope they get well soon

  2. carmie68 says:

    I’ll be praying too and I hope everything goes well and they have a fast recovery.

  3. susan h. says:

    i may be a little selfish…but i am glad you chose the ranch to be at today…i need you…thanks for being there for me…you have no idea just having your presence there and seeing your smile across the room has helped me this week.

  4. jcoftw says:

    I’m glad I can be here for you. Keep Susan in your prayers, she’s a bit puney her own self.

  5. jcoftw says:

    The Bastard is at home, hurting but recovering. Thank you Lord.

    Waiting for word from Kathleen.

  6. jcoftw says:

    Kathleen is out of surgery. Still asleep but is doing good.

    Thank you God….again.

  7. jcoftw says:

    Just got a text message from Kat. She says she’s alive just sore. I am so grateful that these precious kids are ok.

    For your protection and care of these beautiful people, Father, I am so very grateful.

  8. happychick says:

    See? All that worrying didn’t do much- but the praying protected them both. Love to All, xx chick

  9. Bofhjr says:

    Isnt amazing that parents seem to worry just as much when the kids are older (in the case of the Bastard, Real fucking old!) as they did when the kids where young? Geez is this what I have to look forward too?

  10. Mom says:

    Yes son…this is it!

  11. bofh69 says:

    Yankee, in the neck with a garden hoe.

  12. charline (shotsie) says:

    Glad to hear all is well!!

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