Day two – Statewide Volunteer Conference

The day didn't start out so good.  Lonnie has to have knee replacements soon, and was hurting so bad he had to cancel for today.  (Hope you rested it today Lonnie, thermal care and lots of good drugs.)  I called my superintendent and she said we would just cancel the kids for noon entertainment.  Had a couple of crisis at work, but that was taken care of without too much trouble.

Off to Dallas.  I got tagged immediately by the head Chaplain from Austin and a priest from Evins State School.  The boys are going to play for Catholic mass on Sunday morning.  Initially they were asked to do it for the protestants, but since they are Catholic………..  Now furnish us two more for protestant services.  Oh crap. 

Workshop on the Twelve Step program in corrections, presented by one of our AA volunteers.  He is a dynamic personality.  It would have been much better if he hadn't brought his resentment against our priest into it.

Lunch.  A lady that is singing at the ceremony tomorrow pitched in and sang a couple of songs.  Making it ok that we had to cancel at the last minute.  One of our kids that left the ranch 3 years ago spoke.  He is now in college to be an emt/firefighter.  The kid got a standing ovation.  I was so proud!  Another speaker was a FBI chaplain at the Oklahoma City bombing.  He was also called to help out at 9/11.  His talk was on 'Compassionate caregiver fatigue'.  Hit me right between the eyes.

After lunch, trying to figure out who we have to bring for the protestant services in the morning.  THERE IS NO ONE!  I tag Chaplain and he says don't worry he found someone who's gonna do it.  Thank you God.

Chat with Fr. Richard and Fr. Pete for a while.  Corrections priests are a hoot.

Workshop on juvenile sex offenders.  Very informative.  I worked with this population in prison also.  It is NOT my favorite population to work with.  Thank goodness I don't have to do that anymore.

Home again…..exhausted.  Tomorrow is a big day.  Drive back to Dallas, Mass at 7:45, breakfast, awards presentations (GO FR RICHARD!!!), then to the ranch to pull an 8 hour shift.  Looks like a 16 hour day. 

Hope my friends will visit me at the local nut ward when this is over. 😀


2 Responses to Day two – Statewide Volunteer Conference

  1. Mr Angry says:

    Sounds like a big event Sandra, hope you enjoy it. The FBI chaplain reminded me of a guy I saw interviewed recently, he is a paramedic who basically gets called to every major rescue that happens in Australia – if you are interested, the transcript is here:

  2. Hell Boy says:

    how was the day?
    enjoyed it?

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