New additions

There are new additions to "The Bastard Cast".  Welcome Mayang and Forester to this sickness we call FAMILY!


6 Responses to New additions

  1. Mayang says:

    OMG! i’m actually an ‘honoray BASTARD’ clan member?! uh-uh i’m speechless! i’m teary-eyed! now i know blogging was truly worth it, i finally belong! thanks a bunch Sandra, i’m touched! 🙂

  2. charline (shotsie) says:

    OK now I am jealous, One day maybe LOL
    That is sick thinking right Sandra LoL
    Welcome Mayang

  3. Hell Boy says:

    oooohhh, yor casting is getting longer & longer

  4. Sandra says:

    lotta Bastards in the world….don’t you know. 😀

  5. The Bastard says:

    Charline, you must master the following, “fuck, shit, piss, goat rope, fuck you in the neck, bite my ass, you suck ass, and I will delete all of your files if you don’t stop being a dickhead”, and be able to use them correctly in a sentence, in order to be a true bastard. 😀

  6. charline (shotsie) says:

    Thanks Bastard,
    Looks like I have some growing up to do or some real “attitude” to keep up with the family clan. I think for now I will just watch and be teachable and in the mean time be a true “Bastard Cast Family” supporter and friend of all. And enjoy many laughs and tears too from all of the “Batard Cast Family and friends”

    Thanks love ya guys////Thanks for letting me be a part of!

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