Thursday thought for the day

Believe that life is worth


And your belief will

help create the fact.

William James

I believe:

In God, the Father Almighty

That my children are the greatest gift and miracle in my life.

That NOTHING has happened in my life by mistake.

That I can use my experiences to benefit others.

That we are all beautiful and unique in our own way.

That every day above ground is a gift.

That it took the pain of staying the way I was being worse than the fear of change, to make me the person I am today.

That the things that don't kill us make us different. (Sometimes stronger, sometime cynical)

In life long commitments. (for other people 😀 )

That every thing I ever wanted to know is written in a book somewhere.  Therefore, I MUST READ!

That every human being is an example.  (I never want to be the example of what NOT to become.)

There are times to stand up and speak and times to sit in silence.

That I am always my own worse critic.

That people die to make room for the new ones. (God knows I've done my part in expanding the Bastard Clan.)

That every one of us have a purpose.  I believe I have found mine in my profession working with juvenile delinquents.  (I was a delinquent myself)

I also believe that I can be limited by my beliefs.  That if I believe I am capable on only XYZ, then XYZ is all I will strive for………..

Don't you just hate it when I get introspective?


2 Responses to Thursday thought for the day

  1. nuttycrapper says:

    i like it…a beautiful and inspiring list. 😀
    i gotta hand it to u…being older and all that – u do know stuff. hehehe…

  2. Sandra says:

    Thank you, thank you very much! (best Elvis impression)

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