In 1993 the movie Fearless came out.  Loving Jeff Bridges, I made my way to see this flick.  Today it is in my top 10 favorite movies.

Fearless is about a man (Bridges) who survives a plane crash and is driven to do what others consider insane things. 

I so relate to this character.  After a scary bout with cancer, I gained a new appreciation for life.  It was like everything took on new meaning.  A blade of grass, leaves on the trees, wind in my face, an army of ants making their way on their daily journey.  I was a tad reckless.  Racing down the highway at breakneck speeds and taking risks that I had never dared before.  

I always thought I would have a 'to do' list of things I wanted to accomplish before I died.  When it came right down to it, all I wanted was to spend time with my family and make a difference in someone elses life.

Time has a way of making those memories fade – it's been 22 years now.  Today I watched that movie again.  It brought back those feelings of wonder that I had so many years ago.  I went outside in the back yard and sat in my chair.  I watched the puffy clouds drift along the sky.  I felt the breeze on my face.  I took in the beauty of the blooming Crepe Mertyl by the fence.  I let those little ants crawl up my leg (til the little bastards started having me for dinner).

I have many battle scars on my body….I am a warrior….for this moment in time I am fearless.


11 Responses to Fearless

  1. bofh69 says:

    AND you are my Mom. I am glad you are still with us. (so we can bust on ya!) Don’t go getting too damned fearless! I love you very much!

  2. Mom says:

    The people who dislike me are now my motivation to live. It might make them happy if I died, so I’m gonna hang around and piss them off. 😀

  3. donna says:

    I am glad you are around! I miss you!

  4. range says:

    “Fear is the mindkiller, Fear is the little deat”

    The Litany against fear from Frank Herbert’s Dune

  5. happychick says:

    well I AM jealous. If I had written a post about ants and blades of grass I’d come off looking like a loony. Instead, you look like a hero. 🙂
    love you, xx chick

  6. jcoftw says:

    Not a hero, Chick, just a grateful survivor. 😀 Love you too.

  7. susan h. says:

    my mom always told me that i dont have enough sense to be fearful of anything!!
    silly me took that as a compliment!! sandra…we are so much alike it is scary!!

  8. Mr Angry says:

    OMFG I’ve been having long conversations with my brother while visiting home, he’s been in about 5 serious accidents that should have killed him while suffering barely a scratch. Now he thinks he’s immortal. Seriously. And he talks to dead people.

    I’m not saying he’s nuts. Just that he’s fucking crazy.

  9. Sandra says:

    I understand it Mr. Angry. It’s like “I shouldn’t have lived through that, so I must be meant to stay around.” Thinking we can take all kinds of risks and never die. It is insane.

  10. nuttycrapper says:

    ur words touched me *here (hand to my bosom…dun get silly ideas)
    i can imagine the struggle u went through with cancer. my pa got the shitty illness too and i saw him wasted away before my very eyes.
    a toast to u Sandra…i think God definitely wanna hv u stick around for sum time – probly pay penance for some of ur countless childhood rebellions. 😀
    keep rockin’!!!

  11. Maliha says:

    Salamaat Sandra,
    I am really happy you are okay:)

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