Happy Fathers Day

To all the wonderful Fathers who have loved your children enough to let them live:

Mark, The Bastard, who gave me three beautiful grandchildren.

Adam, The Bastard Junior, who is the father of the youngest Bastard in the making.

Greg, husband of the Bastardette, and father of my two beautiful Jones granddaughters.

Joe, the old Bastard and father of my two eldest. 

John, my adopted son – The Yankee Bastard, Mother AND Father to his two boys.

Danny, my adopted son – The Proud Bastard, Father of 3 boys and two little girls.  Way to propagate son!

Lonnie, father to children of his own, and more of a Dad than some of our kids at work have ever known.

Thomas, the old thang, father of some of the wildest and sweetest kids ever.

John Patrick, friend from Rhode Island that keeps Barb happy and pregnant, father of 4.

Hellboy, Mr. Angry, Forester, my adoptees into the Bastard Clan and fathers all.

To these and all the other Dads out there that I did not call by name….HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

To my Daddy, I love you and miss you so much.  For you I wish eternal peace and joy.


6 Responses to Happy Fathers Day

  1. the forester says:

    Nice post, and a touching last line.

    Love that nickname “the old thang”!

  2. The Bastard says:

    “To my Daddy, I love you and miss you so much.”

    Me too Mom, me too.

  3. charline (shotsie) says:

    You are so sweet and thoughtful!!! I would also like to say “Happy Father’s Day” to all. I hope that you are not hurting as bad now, I started feeling better about 11 today. I would like to take a rain check from today sure was looking forward to the time with you and….
    Love ya

  4. john says:

    I’d like to wish all you mutha’s a happy fathers day.

  5. happychick says:

    I have a funny story- OK, I was looking at Keiths blog- I was like, fathers Day? huh? I thought it was in September. Then I thought- thats right, keith is nuts. But THEN, i read Marks blog, and I was like “now im really fucked up”. I couldnt understand why I didnt know it was fathers day. Then, deciding that I am a very ignorant little girl, I rang my step dad and said- Happy Fathers Day! Then he was like “you’re fucked.”. Then I realsied (comprehension dawning on face) that YOU”RE IN AMERICA!!!!!! It’s different over there.

  6. Sandra says:

    lmao chick….tell him you’re just wishing him american fathers day. You’re adopted American now you know!

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