The Memorial

Today we had the memorial service for Jan.  It was as she would have wanted it….a celebration of her life.  Of the 7 girls that were born in that short period of time – all of us were there to see her off.  One boy cousin was there with us, and usual, this one was the center of attention and adored by all of us.  The cousin that we used to torment said he couldn't come because he was going on vacation.  The thought of being with the hellions was probably more than he could bare.  I know he became a Baptist preacher in hopes that he would get in good with God and pray us all into eternal hell fire.  If the pictures we made together are any good, you will see all the Bastard/ette cousins displayed on this blog soon.

The kids at work are being bad.  They have pissed their adopted momma off royally.  They have not a single privilege being passed their way.

I'm going to bed now.  I've been home about 20 minutes, my ass should be dragging in any second.


One Response to The Memorial

  1. Hell Boy says:

    sleep tight with lotta nightmares 🙂

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