This is my auto insurance carrier.  Usually I can find something to complain about with insurance companies, but not this time.These are the most courteous, polite, helpful people I’ve ever come in contact with. 

After my auto crash a few days ago I made that phone call, dreading to hear what they had to say.  The initial contact with a young gentleman in the claims department was very pleasant.  He made the reservations for my rental car and had them pick me up at home to get the car.  He arranged with me the most convenient body shop to take care of the car repairs.  He then gave me the number of another gentleman who would take care of the rest of my claim.  Again, another helpful, courteous man who took my statement and wished me well.

Today I got a phone call from a young lady that said she needed me to release the car from the initial wrecking yard so it could be towed to the body shop.  I told her I would call them.  No need, she said, she would connect me to them.  Two minutes flat, it was taken care of, with the assurance that the intial wrecking yard fees would be taken care of.

Granted, I have paid my premiums on time, paid for the coverage that I am getting.  In this society where courtesy is a thing of the past, GEICO is a customer service company.

Cheers to you GEICO for hiring and training these wonderful people.


3 Responses to GEICO

  1. happychick says:

    When I’m older I will own a business of some kind (possibly Real Estate). It is my plan to have wonderful employees, and hence, wonderful clients. 🙂 Courtesy is the way of the future.

  2. range says:

    Most insurance companies suck. But you normally get good service. This is just my personal view. They have a great part of the money in our economy.

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