Dead car

The insurance company totaled my car.  Seems that the damage is twice as much as the car is worth.  The adjustor said I’m lucky to be ok.

They informed me that after an offer is made on the car I only have 3 days more on the rental car.  How am I going to work two of those three days and find new wheels?  CRAP!


6 Responses to Dead car

  1. The Blonde says:

    Looks like you might need to take another one of those 5 gazillion days off that you have coming to you. 🙂
    And Mom, I found the perfect car for you, you’ll love it, go to this link,, and you can click on Stage 3 Mustang and you will find the car of our dreams. But I would prefer it in the yellow please. It’s the perfect car. and oohh, it would be sooooo fast. 🙂

  2. The Bastard says:

    Mom DOES NOT need a car like that!

  3. theblonde says:

    Well maybe not, but she could drive it up here and let me drive it. 🙂

  4. Mom says:

    lol….little controlling Mark???

  5. The Bastard says:

    Um, yeah, a little.

  6. range says:

    The Mustang looks great, but the rear diff is out of the stone age. Right now, I’m looking at motor bikes for a change.

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