Out of rehab

Lonnie is out of the hospital today.  The rehab nurses have worked him nearly to death.  It’s paid off, cause he’s outta there!  Welcome back to the weird world babe!


3 Responses to Out of rehab

  1. charline (shotsie) says:

    Glad to hear Lonnie your out. I know the rehab can be painful and hard!! But I am sure well worth it!! Make sure you ease back into this weird world EASY!

  2. The Bastard says:

    Glad to hear that he made it through therapy. I know for a fact what a motherfucker it can be.

  3. range says:

    Sandra, when you post on Mr Angry’s blog, you forget the W in jcofW.word…., the W right after jcof. It links to nothing. Just change your profile the next time you post. Thought I’d let you know, Thanks for the linkage!

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