Word of the day 8-1-06


A state of extreme surprise or wonder; astonishment.

I never cease to be amazed at the people in my life.  My children such a source of joy and wonder in my life.  My friends at work and in AA who have saved my life then gave me their friendship.  The little bastage kids at work many whom I have come to love like my own, who make me laugh and make me crazy.  The people at my church who have become dear friends.

But the people who AMAZE me the most are those wonderful friends whom I have never met in person. 

John Patrick:  We met in a 12-step recovery chat room years ago.  He used to joke about Bill W. (cofounder of alcoholics anonymous) being a homosexual thespian, or some such shit.  We were forever cracking jokes.  I have heard Johns voice – we used to talk with another girlfriend occasionally on the phone.  He is from England and he talks a lot like Mr. Angry. 😀

Shannon:  We met at the same time as John in the same recovery chat room.  Shannon used to be an emt in Arizona and is a Harley Fatboy rider.  You have seen me give credit to her for some of the jokes she still sends my way.

More recently though are Happychick, Hellboy and Mr. Angry.  These people have just been so incredibly amazing.  They have all made me feel like a member of their family.  The sweetness, from Happychick and Hellboy.  Mr. Angry giving a tribute to the clan.  OMG!  I think to myself – what in the world did I ever do to deserve these great kids that have never seen my face. 

For having you all in my life, I am amazed and grateful.  Thank you. 😀


6 Responses to Word of the day 8-1-06

  1. john says:

    What a pleasant surprise to see my name in a blog. Actually it’s wicked. And its the first time to my knowledge. The best part about knowing Sandra Beth is that you know exactly where you stand. She is very funny, pretty smart and it seems like she has a her ducks in row. The fact that she lives south of Connecticut and knows both her parents and is sober sets her apart from you other rednecks. As you know her politics are those that are set hard from her smarts, deeper thoughts than most, books and life experience. She is the type of women who doesn’t consider herself a feminist yet portrays and lives as a feminist more naturally then most bra burners I have met. Her strength is to admire and venerate. Today, my very rich and well heeled neighbors reported that my oldest son (7) and my youngest son (3) were sent out of her yard and her 3 year old daughter was brought into the house. She reported to me by phone that they were “going at each other…quite agressively…” It was very difficult for me not to reply “go fuck yourself in the neck with a rolled up bank statement” They are 3 and 7…..shit happens. Congratulations on sending the saying around the Globe. YOU GUYS ARE THE COOLEST

  2. Sandra says:

    YOU are wicked John Patrick!

    I’ve gotta tell this story…. John e-mails me and says “GUESS WHAT!!!!” that’s all just guess what! I reply Barb’s pregnant. Reply back….”how did you know?” “Because the last two times you sent that exact same e-mail she was pregnant! Lucky guess.” dork. 😀

  3. range says:

    That is an Amazing post!

    I am sometimes Amazed at the reactions of people. 🙂

  4. Mayang says:

    isn’t it amazing?! i jst realized that blogging was one of best things i’ve ever done in my life. opened up a whole new world to me, gave me the ooportunity to get to know people from ’round the world made me feel i belong to something wonderful! if i’ve a list of people that’s amazed me since i started blogging, you’d be on that list Sandra. coz you never cease to amaze me with your warm, generous compliments and appreciation that matches no other! thank you for crossin’ my path, hope i’d get to see you one day in the future! 😀

  5. Sandra says:

    Mayang – and you are on that list also – The most gifted poet – beautiful pictures, and and an incredible disposition. 😀

  6. Love the post. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

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