Thoughts for the day

Happychick and Hellboy have been taking about writing books.  I always wanted to but could never stay centered.  My mind flits from one thing to another. 

Recently my thoughts have been about work.  That is because I’ve been spending way too much time there.  I just completed 3 days of working 6am to whenever.  I was supposed to get off at 2PM, one day it was 5:30PM.  So here I am on my one day off.  Tomorrow I work 2p-10p, Sunday 10a-10p, then back for 3 days of 7a to whenever.

So I’ve been basically worthless today.  I did some laundry, grocery shopping and cooked for the family.  Spent time with the most important person in my life (other than my children).  That was incredible, for several reasons.

This evening I’ve been reading what John Patrick has been writing on my posts.  He is one of the few people I know that can get by with calling me by my middle name.  Isn’t that weird?  That someone I have never seen in person can be the one person to not catch my wrath over its use?

I’ve been doing some fashion consulting with Mr. Angry this evening also.  That was fun.  I want him to design a shirt to let my supervisor know how I feel about him.  We didn’t talk about THAT, but if you read this Mr.Angry – make it happen, ok?

It has been so damn hot here.  Days on end above 100 degrees.  So now you know why I can’t hold a thought.  My brain is not only fried from the chemicals I put in it, but the wonderful Texas heat. 


11 Responses to Thoughts for the day

  1. happychick says:

    Woo! Got a mention! Thatis my one biggest fear about my life- ending up in a pretty good job with a boss I despise. It sacres me to death, because I know I could never handle it. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    I don’t despise my boss. He give me something to work on….patience and tolerance.

  3. john says:

    sandra beth,
    i know plenty of people who have thought about writing a book, (one of them did) and i’ve thought (secretly) to myself “i don’t think i would read it” but SANDRA BETH if you ever wrote a book i’d be first in line at barnes and nobles to buy it.

    as you can see, with my wonderfully crafted run on sentence, writing a book is not in this blokes future. yet if they needed a critical, less then poinant review I would be that man. i could opine regarding their craft with such tastey retorts such as “i couldn’t or wouldn’t use this soft piece of literature to “fuck my worst enemy in the neck with this rubbish.”

    by the way….do i qualify as angry?

    my children are doing well….in spite of me and my abilities (or lack there of) to parent.

    speaking of children…i’m curious to know if yours read what i wrote about you. i wonder what they think of peoples perceptions of you that have made friends through the miracle of the internet and this keyboard of mine.

    by the way … why is it you work so much? can you explain it to me again?

    north of connecticut

  4. Sandra says:

    The reason I work so much is that I am OCD. Fancy that. I am addicted to every thing that keeps me from feeling tooooooo much.

  5. john says:

    are you only able to respond to the last sentence because of your flittiness (spelling?) or is it because you are so whacked out tired you don’t have the energy……………..? your blog is ten times better then most. its really fun.

    do i have to get out more?

  6. john says:

    sorry for hitting that twice i’m new at this.

  7. Sandra says:

    I already fixed it. 😀

    BTW – my oldest son in Oregon and I have been having quite the conversation about you. He asked all kinds of questions. I told him about your family, job, etc. Says you sound like a nice enough guy. The unasked question was…..’so why is he hanging out with you.” lol I think they believe your perceptions are quite accurate.

    Hell no – you don’t qualify as angry….not very much anyhow. You have that problem that makes you have to make amends when you act like an ass. Double whammy if you’re in AA AND Catholic huh?

  8. happychick says:

    Sandra Beth? Beth? That is an awesome middle name!! 🙂 Mines Jaye. Very boring. 🙂

  9. jcoftw says:

    Well I’m glad you like it chick – frankly I think it is blech!

  10. 1steak says:

    Ok… so I started a blog. Who knows if I’ll help it take off. try http// now.
    I am so far from being computer savvy its becoming annoying. I have been able to pseudo use one of these things……

  11. Sandra says:

    OMG – I’m excited!!!

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