Word of the day 8/15/06


A severe recurring headache, usually affecting only one side of the head, that is characterized by sharp pain and is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances.

Yesterday I was stricken by one of these babies.  I always get a warning that one is coming on via the visual disturbances.  There is a tiny flashing light that starts in the center of my right eye.  It expands going outward and leaving the center free.  When I can no longer see it….the pain hits.  When the first hint of the flashing neon light begins, I take Excedrin Migraine and lay down for a few minutes. 

I have not missed work because of a migraine in years.  Yesterday this was not so smart.  Thank God most of the kids were in school for a few hours. 

This one boy, Felipe, was in the house.  He asked me if he could get his guitar and play for me.  I told him if he promised to play only soft music.  This child had never picked up a guitar until he came to us.  Yesterday he played it like a professional.  He played one song that he knows I love, over and over again.  It was so incredibly beautiful.  He didn’t use a pick, his fingers moved gently over the strings, sometimes so fast I could barely see them move.  As he played the savage beast in my head and stomach was soothed. 

Thank you God for the talent you instilled in that child and his willingness to develop it.  Thank you Lonnie for having the patience to work with him so many hours.  And after he proved himself, for buying him that guitar to take with him when he goes home.


6 Responses to Word of the day 8/15/06

  1. The Blonde says:

    Being a migraine suffering myself, I feel for you. I get them all the time, so bad that I have to take medication for them daily, and sometimes they are so bad I’m throwing up. ( I couldn’t find your vomit emoticon or I would have used that) I wouldn’t wish those on any one, except maybe the Evil One. Just kidding, NOT!!
    Hope your feeling better today.

  2. The Blonde says:

    *sufferer (I don’t even know if that’s a word)

  3. 1steak says:

    the paragraph you used to descirbe the young lad and his strumming was a lovely piece of writing. the children are lucky to be associated with you and the other spirited counselors at your facility. we know that the answers are within…knowing how to guide them to their true selves as this example illustrates shows me you folks are doing good work.


  4. Mayang says:

    migraines are the worst of my nightmares mainly bec. it brings out the monster within me! i’m unbearable when i have one of these and i become a real witch accdg. to my sisters! thank God fo sleep i seldom get but easy for me to have when i suffer the migraines! 😀

  5. keith says:

    nothing about migrane cos im the one giving headaches to everyone, ever needed one, jus mail me so i can send yoy a box of headaches for christmas, if not enough , you can have me the next christmas 🙂 hey i can play guitar too, wanna hear?!?! 😉

  6. Sandra says:

    Headache is gone so you can’t give me one for Christmas Keith. 😀 I love music – you can play for me.

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