Powerlessness sucks

Everybody knows that I adopt people from all over the world.  The kid that started it all was Danny.  (See The Bastard Cast ^.)  Danny lived with our family 22 years ago.  His Dad was sick with cancer.  Danny loved our family and we loved him so he just stayed at our house.  I fed him (the kid could eat more cantelope than anybody I’ve ever seen), sent him to school, yelled at him, loved him…..like he was mine.

Danny is now a Warrant Officer in the army.  Just last month he returned to the US from Germany.  Now a Kansas resident.  I got a phone call from him last night.  His wife Michiyo was diagnosed this week with the most aggressive type of leukemia.  He says her survival chances are not good – about 20%.  They have an 11 year old, a three month old and a daughter in between.  His is moving her today from a hospital in Wichita Kansas to a cancer hospital in Nebraska that specializes in leukemia.  He was trying so hard to be brave, to be positive.  But the truth was….he was scared to death.  For his wife, for their children, for himself.

I told him the road ahead was going to be long and hard.  But I also shared a truth that I learned years ago…..Danny, you don’t have to walk that road alone…..unless you choose to.

Please keep them in your prayers.

Almighty Father hear me on behalf of Michiyo for who I implore the aid of your tender mercy, that she be restored to bodily health………………….


4 Responses to Powerlessness sucks

  1. Maliha says:

    cancer sucks.

    I pray for her health and their strength through this trial.

    Docs know nothing. They gave my mom a few weeks or a month at most; when she was diagnosed with advanced (very) ovarian cancer; it’s been a year and counting and she is healthy now.

    Tell them to keep their faith; read a lot on the subject; and explore all alternatives…

  2. Bofhjr says:

    Of course you request has been added to our prayers, I even asked my Friend to add them to hers, and she said she would. I would hope one of these days the Bastard clan has some good luck coming. With the Lords help it will happen and if there is something I can do to help all of you out please do not hesitate to ask.

  3. Sandra says:

    Maliah – I also believe in alternative treatments….in fact I used some on myself. One of them being meditation. The doctor said yeah, yeah…when I told him what I was doing. But three months later when all my previously horrible test came back perfect, he said “I don’t know or care what you’re doing, just keep on doing it.”

    John – Thank you baby. I am a believer in the power of prayer. If nothing else it changes the one doing the praying. The hardest thing in the world for me to do is ask for Gods perfect will to be done in that person’s life. I’d much rather make a list of ‘what I want’.

  4. The Bastard says:

    “The hardest thing in the world for me to do is ask for Gods perfect will to be done in that person’s life. I’d much rather make a list of ‘what I want’.

    Yeah, I know the feeling. It is a little different when it is a family member though. I bet I say 20 mini-prayers a day for Michiyo. It goes from “Dear Lord, please give her and Danny the strength to get through this in one piece” to “God, please don’t let her die.”

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