Charlene sent me an e-mail this morning asking if I’m ok, since I haven’t posted in a while. 

I’m really not sure how to answer that.  I’m not ill, other than allergies and that is nothing new.  I have a nasty fever blister on my lip – therefore I can’t kiss all the men I know (as if I do anyway).

When I was a little girl I learned how to emotionally shut out the unpleasantness.  When I became a teenager and young adult, I drank it out of existance.  I must be going through my second childhood.

I was told I could use those survival tools, just as long as I didn’t stay there too long.  I must be able, at some point, to face whatever is going on in my life and deal with it.  Right now there is just too much.  Blech.


9 Responses to Ugh!

  1. 1steak says:

    death is a mother fucker.
    i wouldn’t be surprised if you felt blechy because of your grandmothers anniversary.

    i remember you telling me about a time when you were with her and she was the top of a FIVE generational picture with your family. is my memory correct?

    how cool is that.
    god blessed you with her.
    sadness is real… the hope is that it wont last forever.

    i aint much of a hugger…
    but if i was there i would hook you up with one.
    then i’d beg you for one of those them there cold sore kisses you got going on.
    north of connecticut,

  2. Mr Angry says:

    I have an idea: start a blog where you tell the world how pissed off you are at it and they can just sit the fuck down and take it! Oh wait, we’re both doing that already 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    John – Yes, that picture was five generations. But before she died there were 6. She had great, great, great grandchildren. And you’re a glutton for punishment is you want a cold sore kiss. However, I’d take one of those hugs.

    Mr. Angry….YES!!! Aren’t we smart?!?

  4. Charline says:

    My dearest Sandra I by no means meant to sound insensetive! So I hope you didn’t take it that way. I was very concerned and know that with Danny’s wife and…. well I just have been watching your blogs when you are angry, happy and even sad…so I was just letting you know I care and checking on you. Know I am here for you as all of us who know and love you are!

  5. Sandra says:

    I know that Char – you’re a wonderful g/friend. 😀

  6. moseswilbur says:

    Sometimes life appears a pitstop enroute to noplace. It’s not all bad, though.

  7. Sandra says:

    Moses – me being down is pretty rare. I love live and am probably one of the most grateful people that I know. In fact – that is the way I feel right now. 😀

  8. keith says:

    jus to say im happy you’re back

  9. Charline says:

    All the time I have known you, I can’t recall you being really down or for really long that is why I was wondering. I hope you are feeling better today and hope you go with us to dinner tonight. Rick has started nights so I will be going with all of you by myself so maybe we could hook up! LOL

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