Soccer team

I’m off to Colleyville today to watch the boys play soccer.  

These kids rarely have played anything but gangster.  Most of them grew up in homes where the greatest challenge was surviving another day in their sick families.  Some of them have a reading level so low that they can’t read the materials they must complete to get out of TYC. 

So we teach them to read and we teach them to play.  Each are equally important.  I am convinced that if they can’t have fun clean and sober they will get high.  If we don’t teach them to read they will steal to make a living.

But today we play.  They aren’t great at it yet, this is only their second game as a team outside of the ranch.  I’m proud of them for being man enough to try.


The score was 3-3.  They didn’t have a tie breaker and both teams get to count today as a win. 😀

My throat is sore from yelling so loud.


6 Responses to Soccer team

  1. hellboy says:

    i love playing soccer, btw you really needed me to shout whenever needed. im graduated in that field

  2. albertkline says:

    Just blog hopping, I tried getting my kids into soccer once. Too much contact for em. Now, they play tennis and golf. lol

  3. Charline says:

    sounds like it was really fun! When you come home and throat is sore you know it was a “win”!
    Dito on eveything you said about teaching them!

  4. bein says:

    Aaaah why couldn’t the World Cup be settled on such democratic principles. 3-3 both teams get to count the day as a win … how cool!

  5. Mr Angry says:

    Achieving something in a pastime you enjoy is indeed a high. As my friend Adrian said rush while coaching me for my live perfomance (he was talking about the adrenaline rush I would get):

    “This is free drugs that will get you higher than anything you could buy”

    And DAMN he was right!

  6. debe says:

    that is really awesome

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