The weather is beautiful here.  Perfect upper 70’s.  No airconditioner or heat needed.  The front of the house faces the Sandia mountains.  One block away is the river.  The area is actually classified as desert, but it seems anything but, with all the desert flowers in bloom.  The grass and trees are greener than I have ever seen here.

I’ve been picking up my g/daughter Delanie from school every day.  My word, she’s all grown up.  Fourteen years old and brilliant.  The last couple of nights she and I have been playing our favorite computer game together. 

I am probably crazy, but I love teenagers.  Esp. if they belong to other people.  Namely GD and Greg. 😀  Their biggest problem with her is eating too many potato chips and getting homework done. 

Well, I’m gonna go play some more now.  I’ll be home on Saturday night and back to work on Sunday.  You know I CAN retire March 31st……


3 Responses to Albuquerque

  1. susan hobson says:

    i am so happy that you are getting to relax and enjoy your family…now that i got to go and see mine!!!….i know you are loving it….arent we so blessed…God took care of us even when we didnt so we would be the best we could be with our loved ones…you are missed here at the ranch….but i am sure its not by all!!….haha!…..get back to us safe, rested and happy……peace. susan

  2. Charline says:

    I am so glad to hear you are with your kids and grandkids what a blessing. Enjoy every minute and it was a relieve to know you are with loved ones having a great time!! We miss you! Hope you come back so refreshed!!
    Love ya

  3. hellboy says:

    hope you have a very great time there. btw i doubt the word “retire” exists in your brain, or is it?!?!?
    btw why didnt you envite me to albuquerque too?

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