The kids and volunteers had a booth at the church craft fair.  We made about $200.00 and had a ball.  I took 8 kids last night and they had an incredible time.  I think it is the first time they’d been to a fair in their teens when they did not do drugs or get into trouble.  Our priest was dressed in baggy shorts and a tee-shirt and hung out with the kids all night.  You couldn’t tell the difference in him and the boys. 

I went in early this morning to put up another load and ended up transporting kids to their soccer game.  That was fun too.  They lost, but we all had a good time.

After lunch it was back to the craft fair.  The kids I took today were more subdued.  Everyone was getting tired from a busy day.  I took them back to the ranch tonight, barely slowed down and kicked them out at the front door.  I don’t think they were hurt. 😀  Not really.  So on my day off I spent 13 hours with kids and an hour and a half driving. 

I need my head examined.  It was fun though.


I checked my blog this morning and found that the post didn’t get published when I wrote it, but was saved.  I love wordpress.


5 Responses to weekend

  1. debe says:

    what did they sell?

  2. Sandra says:

    They sold rosaries, crosses that they had painted, assorted Christian stuff.

  3. happychick says:

    What happens if they’re not Christian?
    I think you do a wonderful job- those kids will grow into responsible young men, and good fathers, thanks to people like you. Sometimes us teens just need a bit of guidance. xxx

  4. susan hobson says:

    i went there on my day off too!!….we had so much fun…my journey of recovery is great to share with others in the same boat…am i weird or what?…my kids are grown and married and i had to go and search out for more!!

  5. jboats says:

    they couldn’t of been selling illicict substances…cause they would of made 200 hundred dollars in about 1 hour.

    who the hell is coaching their soccer team?

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