Yes! A day off!!!

In the past two weeks I’ve put in 35 hours of overtime.  Need I say more about why I haven’t posted?

For the past three or four years I’ve had Friday and Saturday for my days off (which makes no frigging difference if you don’t take them).  This week I’ve changed to Sunday and Monday.  It actually feels weird having a Sunday off.  I slept 9 1/2 hours last night – it was an all-nighter. 😀 

I went to church this morning, came home grabbed a bite to eat and took a wonderful nap.  I’ve done absolutely nothing.  No cooking, no cleaning.  Just vegging out.  It is wonderful. 

I’m grateful for my job, my home, my family.  But for today I’m a slug.  I’m doing nothing.  And to anyone who doesn’t like it….fuck you in the neck with my extra pillow. 😀


6 Responses to Yes! A day off!!!

  1. Charline says:

    You go girl! You so deserved it, hope you had your favorite snack while veggin and did what ever your heart felt like doing or not!!!

  2. hellboy says:

    i dont like it, may i have the extra pillow now?

  3. Mayang says:

    you deserve the time off Sandra! that and all the blessings in this world, for being the person that you are! 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    Thank you all – even Keith. Extra pillow in route!!

  5. Mr Angry says:

    Well earned and well overdue. Enjoy!

  6. jboats says:

    shut up and get back to work.

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