Thought for the day

The test of happiness is gratitude. 

Stolen from………….someone on ewtn.

Can a person be happy without gratitude?  Can a person be grateful and not be happy?  I’d never really thought about those questions until I heard the thought on tv the other morning.

I am a very grateful person.  I also see myself as a very happy person.  I think it is one of those ‘chicken or the egg’ questions.

Happy birthday Gina (the bastardette).  A day late in the posting.  She was 37 yesterday.  😀  Age is not a sacred secret in this family.  On my 37th birthday I was diagnosed with cancer.  Birthdays are something for me to rejoice in.  Mine AND my kids.  Love you my precious daughter.


5 Responses to Thought for the day

  1. hellboy says:

    Happy birthday Gina, where’s Gina, aha she’s eating her candle omg :0!

  2. 1steak says:


    17yrs 2day
    its a good start huh?

  3. Sandra says:

    Congrats John Patrick! 17 years is a beautiful celebration of life!

  4. Charline says:

    Happy Birthday Gina and John Patrick!

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