The Doctor was in

I ended up going to the doctor today.  For a while I’ve been having headaches and getting dizzy – my face hurts….nothing real bad.  I’ve blamed it on allergies.  Night before last I woke up and my throat felt like I had been swallowing broken glass.  I went to work yesterday, hid out in my office and just did paperwork.

This morning I am feeling no better.  I think I should go see the doctor, as my sister would not appreciate me bringing my problems t0 her house, allergies or not.

But that is not the real reason I went.  I can shake off a cold.  I can live with allergies.  I went from fear.  Since I was diagnosed with cancer on 23 years ago, knots scare me.  These two that I’ve had in my arm I tried to ignore for a couple of months, but they’ve suddenly decided to grow.  WTF. 

She said there is nothing to worry about – fatty tumors.  Fat I have plenty of. 🙂  The sinus infection I’ve been harboring for a while now, however is another story.  Bad enough for two injections.  One antibiotic and another steroid.  And oral antibiotics for a week.  And a reminder that sinus infections CAN kill you if you get that infection in the brain.  However, you must HAVE a brain to get it infected. 😀  I’m safe.

Not working today, Laying up and taking care of me.  I might just call in sick tomorrow too. 


13 Responses to The Doctor was in

  1. susan hobson says:

    yea for you for going to the doctor!!….stay home all week if you need to!!… deserve it….talk at ya tonite!

  2. Larry says:

    After enduring two lower-back surgeries this year, I have absolutely no trouble in saying, “I’m staying home and taking care of me.” So, stay at home and take care of yourself. That’s an order und you vill follow ze orderssss!! :^)
    Please take care of yourself.

  3. happychick says:

    My Mummy has had sinus infections her whole life. They are a motherfucker. I’m so glad to hear that your arms aren’t going to kill you!! I get paranoid about cancer too coz my Daddy died of it… But i don’t even know if that shit is hereditary…
    And Larry has it right- you can do no good by going to work and geting sooky at everyone. Plus, they wont want to be around a sniffly lady with tumor arms! 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    Thanks you guys. I am better today. That steroid shot was extremely helpful. At least it doesn’t feel like I swallowed razor blades today.

  5. debe says:

    I’m so glad you broke down and got some medical help! You aren’t super woman you know!

  6. Sandra says:

    Deb – I know and it just pisses me off. I even took an extra day off. Which shocked the shit out of everyone I know. 😀

  7. susan hobson says:


  8. Sandra says:

    ok – I’ll be there.

    It’s so nice to be wanted. 🙂

  9. Mr Angry says:

    Oh yeah, you should have seen me last time I had a sebacious cyst! “It’s cancer isn’t it? I just know it’s cancer! What? It’s not cancers? You’re sure? Harmless? Then cut the fucker out, I’m not taking any risks!”

  10. Charline says:

    Sandra I know that had to be a relieve and fear sucks! But with good reason and it did get you to the Dr. I know you were missed but you will feel so much better taking the time off and taking care of your self. Luv ya

  11. hellboy says:

    haPPY thanKsgiving, im waiting here with snow balls

  12. Sandra says:

    Mr. Angry – Yep – that would be me! 😀

    Charline – I’m not so sure I’m better, but I’m back to work today.

    Keith – Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I saw on the news last night that Barrow, Alaska has an average of 322 freeze days a year. HOW DO YOU STAND IT???

  13. hellboy says:

    well i dont stand it, actually i’d be dead if i lived in such a cold place, im not ice-cream 🙂
    fyi: i live in Bethel, Alaska and we have almost 4 seasons but winter is the longest 😦

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