Thought for the day – Friday

If the last two weeks is any indication of the rest of the holiday season, this is going to be a tough one.  The kids are acting out.  Some being too playful, some being angry or sad.  I feel like I’ve aged 10 years since Thanksgiving.


7 Responses to Thought for the day – Friday

  1. The Bastard says:

    That would make you what? 110? 😀

  2. Mom says:

    In the neck Mark…..with a calendar.

  3. susan hobson says:

    if it remains the same at work….i will go off and not get anything from santa for christmas!!!!…..breath deep is the name of the game.

  4. hellboy says:

    guess those boys need to be buried in snow, send ’em here

  5. happychick says:

    I always get confused about what work you actually do. But I spose if those boys are acting up you should tell em that girls don’t like badboys, they like the ones who are friendly and funny and prefferably look like Orlando Bloom. :p

  6. debe says:

    I’m sure it’s hard on those kids to be away from home at the Holidays.
    Poor Sandra, I hope it gets better

  7. Charline says:

    Sandra hang in there, your heart of gold will give you the ten yrs back plus… and it is just a mean time when it is a mean time. And for those boys it has to be a “heck of a mean time’ even with all that ya’ll give them!!!!!

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