Cool things

Yesterday I went to a celebration that was different from anything I’ve ever seen.  At my church we had Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration.  It started out with an entrance procession of Aztec Dancers dancing down the aisle of the church.  They were incredibly beautiful.  Their dance was so powerful the vibration could be felt throughout the church.  The floors are marble, but the deaf could have felt the beat.  Actors portrayed the story about the appearance of the Blessed Virgin to Juan Diego.  Mariachis sang, the band played the church was alive with song.  After the celebration of the Mass, the fiesta was held in the gymnasium, with food and more Aztec dancing.  Fr. Richard confessed that he was hearing drums in his sleep.  He lives five minutes away, but he could hear the drums as they practiced in the night.

I cannot believe I have lived to be so old without witnessing this wonderful celebration.  I know I must have looked like a child in wide eyed awe.

This morning I met the kids from work, a caseworker and the superintendent at the homeless shelter, where we work and feed the homeless. 

Maria was there again.  She recognized me and we talked for a while.  She stopped suddenly and said she HAD to pray for me.  Never have I been one to refuse prayer, so I said sure and thanked her.  This lady who is apparently so mentally ill, stood behind me and place her hands gently on my head and began rubbing my scalp.  She pronounced me off limits to the demons that are robbing me of my peace, attacking me in my sleep and depriving me of rest.  She prayed on and on massaging my neck, shoulders and back.  I had not said one word to her about how every other night I wake in the middle of the night and lay sleepless for hours.  Or how, when I woke this morning my head hurt so bad I could hardly lift it from my pillow.  When her prayer was over, she sat beside me and said, each day you have to give your guardian angel permission to protect you from all evil.  You know that is how God works, free will.  Just tell them ‘Angels today you have permission to save me from myself and anyone else who would harm me.  Then she said she had a gift for me.  She said she knew I would appreciate it.  It was a well worn picture from the cover of a magazine of Michael the archangel.  I told her I would treasure it always…..and I will.


10 Responses to Cool things

  1. hellboy says:

    omg such a wonderful place, wish you’d taken me with you and i could show you the possibility of me being a good boy looking with eyes wide open.
    people living here have some special dancing ceremony too with all the drums and so many moving and shaking ass and other stuff, may be it’s quite like the Aztec dance, you better take some pics next time 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    It was incredible. I WILL take pics next time. Pictures came out in the newspaper….made at a different church, I will try to find a link.

  3. hellboy says:

    thanks, im waiting 🙂

  4. ralph says:

    i’ll be waiting for the pictures too! 🙂

    i hope i didnt interrupt your conversation 🙂

  5. jcoftw says:

    this is the celebration in Mexico city. I could not find a single link to a Texas one. Ours was much like this but most of our dancers were young……from 2 to 20 a few up to 40 years old.

    Ralph – blogging conversations are open to the public. 😀

  6. jcoftw says:

    btw this is a slide show if you didn’t notice the little arrows on the right hand side.

  7. Charline says:

    That sounded so beautiful. I am going to ask my son if they did it at their Church too.
    OMG and the blessing from Maria and her advise how powerful is that . What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays!!!

  8. 1steak says:

    i cant believe known of your friends commented about the mentally ill woman making love to your scalp ranting on about mysterious angels.

    i would of let her massage me too.
    your a lot like me sandra beth

  9. Sandra says:

    That is the greatest compliment ever John Patrick. 😀

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