Lets party

Two Christmas parties yesterday at work.  One for the staff.  We all brought food and ate until we were miserable.  All the staff got navy blue TYC sweat shirts.  They’re nice.

Last night the AA people came out.  One couple performed for the kids.  Sang Christmas carols got the kids up to sing with them.  The theme of the performance was the 50’s.  Kaye was dressed up in bobbie socks, a poodle skirt and a scarf tied around her neck.  Ray in his leather jacket….generally looking like a hoodlum.  They were great.  They called for volunteers.  And then solicited certain staff…me being one of them….for a certain song.  We taught the youngsters to do ‘the twist.’  You can sure tell the difference between a bunch of recovering alcoholics and ‘normal’ folks.  The ‘normies’ were very reserved, being quite frightened of what others would think.  Those of us in recovery have learned how to do this simple thing…..DON’T TAKE YOURSELF SO DAMNED SERIOUSLY!!!  It was great fun.

After they party people left the kids cleaned up a mountain of popcorn from the floor and by 10pm there was no evidence of a party.

Two kids were packed up to leave this morning.  On their last night, they get to sleep in the library, play X-box and watch movies.  They said their goodbyes to the staff that were leaving.  As we walked out of the building I could hear the boys thinking….LET’S PARTY!


6 Responses to Lets party

  1. susan says:

    i was honored to get to be at both of the parties……the later one was the winner!!…it is so fun teaching the kids how to have fun without drugs….and just as funny to watch the adults we work with not know how to have fun without alcohol!!….i got to help a kid that started to cry because of missing his family…once again, God reminded me of why i am so blessed with this job.

  2. debe says:

    sounds like two great parties!
    are you coming by the group on Christmas?

  3. 1steak says:

    you know those kids were throwing down as soon as you left. 🙂

  4. old thang says:

    caint believe u shamed us people in recovery!!!!!!!

  5. Sandra says:

    debe- it was great! I’m working Christmas from 8-4 😦

    John – no doubt. 😀

    Thomas there is no WAY I shamed any recovering person.

    Today we cooked spanish rice, pico de guillo and Christmas candy to take to the church for the kids to get theri sacraments.

  6. hellboy says:

    well done, then santa might see you tonight 🙂

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