Saturday – Christmas Eve Eve

Today is my day off.  I worked until 10pm last night.  The alarm rang at 6am and I wanted to kick myself for winding down that two hours before I went to bed last night.  Jump up, throw on my clothes, my face and off I go to work.  Make sure that 21 kids are appropriately dressed and off we go to church for the baptism and confirmation of 11 them.  We have two vans full of kids and a caravan of cars traveling 25 miles to the church.  The Bishop performed the ceremony, which is a huge deal in the Catholic church….especially at Christmas time.  After the services we had a fiesta in the cafeteria/gym.  It was beautiful and I cried.  I have lived to be this old, have raised about 1,003 kids and for the first time  I am officially a ‘God Mother’.

Back in the van, back to the ranch, short staffed.  Sorry about your luck, there is no way I can work today.  Call the ‘on call’ person and that would NOT be me.

Back home, check my e-mail, put on my jammies and down for a short nap.  Four hours later I wake up.  It was glorious.  The most wonderful nap I’ve had in years.  I got up and realized that I haven’t done the laundry and I have to be back at work at 8 in the morning.  Threw in a load of clothes and started doing a little baking.  I don’t know how many of you know what ‘a little baking’ means.  In my family it is relative.  My Mom, the Grand Bastardette, cooked enough for a small army every time she went in the kitchen.  So for me a ‘little baking’ meant two pecan pies and a loaf of banana nut bread.

Laundry is done, baking is done….for the day anyway.

I’m back to bed……goodnight all.


2 Responses to Saturday – Christmas Eve Eve

  1. debe says:

    damn, I shoulda come by for a visit yesterday, all that good stuff!

  2. john says:

    you are awesoooooome.
    merry christmas.
    the children at your facility do not know how lucky they are. not today. maybe in the future when the look back on their lives and thinkof the influential times, places and poeple will they understand how lucky they are.

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