Weather report

It is a rare thing to see snow in this part of Texas.  But there it is – right outside my window, beautiful flakes of snow falling to the ground.  As soon as it hits, it melts….not cold enough to stick, but beautiful none the less.  Today I say it is beautiful because I don’t have to leave my cozy house. 

I have gone through some old posts and watched Mr. Angry video’s.  You are just too cool, my Aussie friend.

Today has been a wonderful day.  I’m off tomorrow too. 😀


4 Responses to Weather report

  1. Karin says:

    Hola! How ya doing? Kari and I are just sitting on the couch, using Daddy’s laptop–going to all the sites we shouldn’t! I looked at your receipe page and WHERE ARE THE DEVILED EGGS???? I also so Chris’s pictures–OMG! He has grown up! How did he get a pretty wife?
    Miss you!

  2. Sandra says:

    Yes, our Chris is a man. He’s still in Ft Benning Georgia awaiting Iraq in the spring. I am so proud of him. Don’t take that precious baby to any of your porn sites!

  3. Mr Angry says:

    You are too kind. Enjoy the snow! Weird weather worldwide with unexpected snow showing up in many places. I wonder if that means we are due for snow this winter? I’ll tell you in 6 months.

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