Horoscope and thought for the day


February 5, 2007
There may be some new job options available to you, or you could be due for some improvements in your current work environment. But your greatest focus could be in the area of personal relationships, where you should be encountering some really positive opportunities right now. Just try to make the most of things and don’t take anything for granted.

It would be nice if one of my options were to not show up for training this morning.  😀

Taking things for granted is a sure set of for failure in any situation….work OR personal relationships. 

I’m going to Lubbock in a couple of weeks to visit the Grand-bastardette. 

Father forgive me for I have sinned…………………..


6 Responses to Horoscope and thought for the day

  1. hellboy says:

    have a nice time there and don’t forget updating :-*

  2. Debe says:

    hey, what days are you going to the Forty?

  3. happychick says:

    Ooooh my mum’s an aries!! Perhaps that’s why you guys are both full of wisdomosity and great advice! Love chica

  4. jcoftw says:

    That’s got to be it chick!

  5. Mr Angry says:

    Lubbock is such an unfortunate sounding place name. It sounds like an insult (“you lubbock!”) – much like the place where I grew up.

  6. There is only one thing I wish to say There is only one day left for Valentine day

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