Lubbock here I come – and other random thoughts

Going this afternoon to Lubbock to visit members of the clan:  The poor Bastard, my brother, I’ve invited myself to be his house guest!; the Bastardette, my daughter from Albuquerque is driving in tomorrow:  and last, least and the meanest, the Grand Bastardette, my mom.  Have to do some VA business for Mom and mixing business with pleasure.

My son found the missing item in the washing machine.  Seems my teeth were prolly in my jammies pocket.  That little trick just cost $1,200.00…….groan.

I’ll be back on Saturday night, so y’all hold the fort down and I’ll see you then.

Love to all my friends and family that read this blog. 😀


5 Responses to Lubbock here I come – and other random thoughts

  1. john says:

    Maybe your brother can let you use his teeth.
    Johnny Boats

  2. Debe says:

    have a safe trip!

  3. Charline says:

    Well that load of laundry paid off, just a little late!! Have a safe trip. It is always nice when you can mix bussiness with pleasure!!

  4. susan says:

    thats tooooo funny!!
    glad you are going on vacation…
    i know you prob need it…
    i enjoyed mine.
    i will call ya soon.
    hugs. susan

  5. hellboy says:

    watch your mom’s dentures and trip safe!

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