Happy anniversary

This month is my one year anniversary (as well as Mr. Angry’s) on word press.  Thanks to all my loyal readers.   Especially Mr. Angry, Happychick, hellboy, mayang, John Patrick, Debe and my bastard/ettes.

Oh, by the way, Happy St. Patricks day. 😀


6 Responses to Happy anniversary

  1. susan says:

    i know you are not reading this but wanted to tell you thank you for a year of fantastic reading material…you are such a talented author.
    happy st pat’s day to you too!
    we have 2 birthdays on this day…wouldnt that be fun!
    just thinking of all the people drinking the green beer makes me laugh!!
    have a great day and i love ya!

  2. Debe says:

    Happy Blogoversary

  3. The Bastard says:

    Congrats Mom…you blog queer. Of course I say that with all the love.

  4. Mr Angry says:

    It’s an exciting anniversary 😀

  5. bigdaddypaulhorn says:

    I noticed in 1 of ur entries u were thinkin bout retirein. Go for it hun the hours are gr8 but the pay really sucks let me tell ye.hehehehehehehehehehe
    PS when you get so bored you fell like practicin for a mamogram tho give me a call insted. I can make u miserable painlessly
    WHO LOVES YA BABE??????????

    ME U BIG DUMMY lol
    seriously it’s been a blast gettin to know u hun. And best wishes fer the future

  6. happychick says:

    you’re muchly welcome my dear! and here’s to another year of the very same. 🙂

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