I’m too damn old to be moving.  I’ve worked for days packing boxes, cleaning out closets and making a huge donation to the local salvation army.

When Ms. Hothead was younger this was no big deal.  On more than one occasion, I’ve woke the Bastard Jr. from a dead sleep and said – wake up – we’re outta here.  Pack the shit and gone before a cat could lick its ass. 

Alas, it is not to be this time.  I’ve lived here far to long to do that this time.  The actual move date is still a couple of weeks away.  I can see me the night before, still packin shit.  Next time I move my children will cart my ass away and they can take care of moving me out of my new home.

Why didn’t I think of that this time?

Work is still scary – what can I say.  Not like a couple of weeks ago.  My attitude now is that what ever will happen will happen.  I’ve od’d on emotions and no longer have the strength to do it.  I worked 25 hours the last two days of last week. 

When I move boxes into my now perfectly clean closet and find my bed…..I’m gonna fall in it. 

Some sad news… uncles wife committed suicide Saturday.  Shot herself.  That is so sad.


5 Responses to Moving

  1. Debe says:

    I’m sorry about your Uncle’s wife
    and sorry that you are moving, it’s the end of an era

  2. susan says:

    yea…glad to hear that you are still moving..i know you will be much happier…that is horrible about your uncle’s wife…so sad when people think thats all they have is death.

  3. happychick says:

    To be sure, if she’s anything like the rest of you lot, she’ll have gone to a better place, and be happy there in the arms of God.
    Moving’s not so bad- new people, new experiences- it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime- and possibly the last time you move in yours.

  4. Charline says:

    So sorry to hear about your uncle’s wife!
    I would think the good thing about moving after it is over of course is the “house cleaning before and then the organization when all is settle in.” Clean walls and carpet and ….”the new …”
    I will pray you get some rest in between moving and work!!!]
    Luv Ya

  5. The Bastard says:

    Well, I have helped you move more than once, and I don’t feel sorry for yer ass. HAH! Sorry about your luck! Oh, btw, love you Mom. 😀

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