New Job

I love my new job and feel totally in my element.  I worked in the adult unit a couple of days and for the first time in the adolescent unit yesterday.  All the kids are court mandated.  There are only 14 instead of 48.  We had a great day and I’m taking a book to one of the kids today.  He loves Harry Potter and I just happen to have most of them.

The Bastard Jr is going to Albuquerque Friday to help his sister move into her new house.  

I’ve got to start writing more.  I’ve missed it and it is very therapeutic to get some of my thoughts down in front of me instead of whirling around in my head making me crazy.  The absolutely worse idea that tried to keep me stuck in a no win situation was…..’You’re too damn old to start a new job – you’ll never be a success.’  I know that is crap – knew it when I thought it, but there it was to attack me at every turn.  Thank God I didn’t have to stay stuck.

Courage is not bravery, but facing the fear and walking through it.  Every great thing in my life has been preceded by a wall of fear.


One Response to New Job

  1. Debe says:

    you got a new job????

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